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Unlock Your Child's Potential with the Power of Art and discover their creative minds. Spirit of the Arts workshop focuses on teaching children to create, paint and draw, using recycled materials and demonstrating a structured step-by-step process. It sparks your children's creative interest , increasing knowledge in various ways. Our children learn best when they are engaged and entertained.

"I believe everyone is an artist. Creating is Passion, Love,  Relaxation and Self-Expression!”



To empower, cultivate your creative side, and create your own memorable keepsake.


To provide connection, passion, and self-expression through the arts.

What It Is:

One-on-one coaching or small group programs to get clear about what you want, who you are as a creative being, conquer roadblocks in the creative process, and achieve realistic goals you want. Every session is tailored to creating the results you want.  Individuals and groups who want to express their authentic voice through a creative act, idea, decision, career or small business.

Spirit of the Arts Workshop is an experiential workshop of creating, doing and experimenting. Our exercises and instructors’ talks focus on helping you:

  • Learn practical techniques to stimulate your imaginations and innovative thinking.
  • Explore the process of creativity, rather than simply focusing on the product.
  • Discover how to find inspiration in the world around you.
  • Get over creative blocks and the fear of failure.
  • Demonstrate skill at developing creative art project ideas and planning a course of action to bring the projects to fruition.
  • Healing through creating
  • Connecting with other Spirit of the Arts.


provides the opportunity for your team members to work together achieving a common vision while building camaraderie and boosting morale.  These workshops encourage to see each other from a different perspective, build trust in each other and pave the way for a meaningful communication in a fun and energizing way.  The Team will start to appreciate each other, value the differences between people and respect each other's opinions. It is a great community building.