Elisabet is an internationally recognized artist also known as “Artista Elisabet”, she was born in Germany to Spaniard parents and currently resides in the city of Houston, Texas. She is a retired professional flamenco dancer who toured extensively throughout Europe before moving to the United States. Gifted with a diverse cultural identity, she brings a unique perspective to Houston's art community. She found her unique artistic expressions through the “Power of Color”, her enchantment with it is reflected in her work, which reveals a contemporary fusion of eclectic, abstract and kaleidoscopic world. Artista Elisabet concentrates on creating artistic expressions such as paintings, sculptures, photography, life and belly castings, as well as handcrafts on diverse media including canvas, wood, and recycled materials. Another passion of hers is putting creative ideas together, Photography, PR, Marketing and Production. Dubbed the eternal optimist and altruist human being by colleagues and community fellows. 

She has significantly contributed her art in numerous philanthropic activities. She is the founder of “I CAST 2 EMPOWER”, an initiative dedicated to raising awareness and support for recognized entities conducting research to better understand, prevent and cure breast cancer. Her spirituality and passion are manifested in her artistic world creating unique sculptures and canvas masterpieces inspired in "The Story Behind the Scar" of breast cancer survivors. She is finishing her book and the documentary about the artistic journey in how art has connected the dots to meet these strong women sharing their story in surviving breast cancer and how art has helped them to talk about it again. Her vision is to celebrate, empower, and inspire cancer survivors through life-casting as a form of hope and healing.

Her soft spot for children and her relationship with a friend's son lead her to become involved with the Down Syndrome Association of Houston (DSAH) and creating with the children. She redesigned the DSAH logo and lead art workshop with the DSAH children and was awarded as Artist of the Year 2011. Additionally, her artwork and time have benefited: the American Heart Association, the Barbara Jordan Foundation, Hashoo Foundation, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Periwinkle Foundation, Texas Children's Cancer Hospital, Tahirih Justice Center, Pink Door Nonprofit organization, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and other fundraisers. Artista Elisabet was recognized this year by the Whitehouse of the United States for the ability to bring about positive change in the face of adversity and reflecting the fortitude of the American spirit. She was featured in February 2016 in the Chronicle newspaper "how color and music inspires her palette".

November 14, 2014, is the official "I Cast 2 Empower" day, receiving a Proclamation by the Mayor of Houston Annise Parker. 
2015 she received a Certificate from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in appreciation for her contribution and participation toward "MAKING CANCER HISTORY".

Artista Elisabet believes there is an artist in everyone and is always looking to inspire and empower others to discover their own creativity. She enjoys luring the inner creativity out of the participants in her art workshops and classes.

•       Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 from the Whitehouse of the United States for the lifelong commitment to

        building a stronger nation through volunteer service

•       Certificate of Congressional Recognition, 18th District from Sheila Jackson Lee, Member of Congress on the Presidential     

        Lifetime Achievement Awards
•       Recognition from the White House of the United States 2016 for the ability to bring about positive change in the face of     

        adversity and reflecting the fortitude of the American spirit

•       Digital Display at The Louvre Museum, Paris FRA
•       Nature Collection Book, Published in the Exposure Award Collections
•       Breast Cancer Resource Center BCRC. Selected Torso for Live Auction and Runway Art Bra, Austin TX
•       Selected Artist for Animated ArtCollage, Times Square Billboards, New, NY
•       Art Takes Miami at the Art Basel, Miami FL
•       Hispanic Heritage, Solo Exhibition, University of Villanova Philadelphia, PE
•       The Story of the Creative Art, Exhibition, Long Island, NY
•       HoustonBisong Gallery, Complete I Cast 2 Empower Collection, Houston, TX
•       Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Exhibition at the Museum of African American Culture, Houston TX
•       Art on the Avenue, Exhibition in the Juried Competition, Houston TX
•       Charming Charlie Art Exhibition at the Galleria of Houston, Houston TX
•       Lori Betz Gallery, Art Exhibition, Houston TX
•       Hashoo Foundation Plan B, Art Exhibition & Fundraiser, Houston TX
•       Medical Forum Scholarship Art Exhibition Houston
Printmatters, 7 Deadly Sins Art Exhibition, Houston TX
•       House of Dereon, Scion Art Exhibition, Houston TX
•       Peter Kroll Art Showcase, Paderborn Germany
•       Art of Culture Exhibition, Museum of Cultural Arts of Houston (MOCAH)
•       Reflection Art Exhibit, Museum of Cultural Arts of Houston (MOCAH)

avantgarde color liberation

ArtLovers, welcome to my artsy world!

My creativity allows me a freedom that is indescribable. I’m inspired by the beauty I see in simple things - colors, textures, patterns and forms.  

There have been recurring themes in my life that exemplifies who I am: empowerment, expression, insight, inspiration, passion.

I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy creating it!